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Learn why America is turning to the FOREX with best-selling author of "FOREX Made Easy" - James Dicks! Instant liquidity and incredible leverage make the foreign currency exchange one of the most profitable markets in the world! And with a daily average trading volume of over three and a half trillion dollars, the FOREX is larger than all other markets combined. Now you can learn how to make money from home 24 hours a day trading just six major currencies!

The FOREX is the ultimate alternative to the Stock Market! Every day, trillions of dollars worth of currencies are traded on the Foreign Currency Exchange, and all it takes is a minimal investment and a willingness to succeed for you to take advantage of it.

If you truly want to trade in the FOREX, you’ll need a mentor with the knowledge and experience to help you. James Dicks is an avid investor and a bestselling author on the subject of the FOREX.

Known as the active investor, James understood the need for a smarter way to invest - a way based not on media hype or broker advice, but on sound strategies and common sense money management.

Be a part of this amazing market with the ultimate in home Trading Course that will put you on a Fast Track to Trading the FOREX!

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The "Getting Started Guide" that covers the basics of trading, terms and definitions.

The "FOREX Fast Track to Trading Guide" to help you know what currencies to trade and when to trade them.

The "Mastering Money Management Guide" to help you maximize your trading opportunities while minimizing your risk.

The James Dicks Fast Track to the FOREX course also includes the "FOREX Quickstart Guide" with James’ specific break-out strategy that he uses to trade the FOREX!

And if you order now you’ll also get this 2 DVD set which includes "10 Steps to trading the FOREX" and "Maximizing the latest FOREX trading tools."

These are professionally produced; graphically illustrated DVD’s that will help you take advantage of this amazing market!

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This is your opportunity to learn time tested, strategies that are being used by professionals in today’s FOREX market!

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